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Nevada's Big Give

is March 21st

Help P.A.C.E. Nevada  make Nevada’s Big Give on March 21, 2019 Nevada's BIGGEST day of giving. Nevadans will unite for 24 hours of online giving to support their favorite organizations during the 8th Annual Nevada’s Big Give. Join us and give your favorite cause - P.A.C.E. Nevada. We have three (3) very specific reasons why we are involved in this fund-raising event and we need your help!

FIRST: We need $1,000 to transport (via Southwest Airlines) four (4) of our young adult heart patients to Los Angeles on Memorial Weekend so that they can experience a life-changing retreat specifically designed for Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) patients just like them. Since we do not have the funds yet to create our own retreat, so P.A.C.E. CdC, has generously opened their hearts to Nevada's CHD young adults.

SECOND: We need $1,500 to transport  and house for one night two (2) CHD children and three (3) CHD adults to Los Angeles so that they can attend Camp del Corazon on Catalina Island in August/September. CdC is the organization that we modeled Camp Mend-a-Heart after in 2005.

THIRD: We need $3,000 to launch and fund for one year a new program to pair our younger heart patients with some of our young adults. This would be a support and mentoring community. Finding friends who understand what they are going through, is one of the biggest requests voiced by CHD patients of all ages.

To some people, and some non-profits $5,500 does not sound like a lot of money., but for a foundation, that is just passed its first year mark and is operated completely by volunteers it is. Your donations of any amount can make a huge difference to many young people who struggle daily with the knowledge that it could be their last. Please help however you can by going to the P.A.C.E. Nevada Big Give page on March 21st or TODAY! Make a difference.

Help us to Bridge the Gap Between Pediatric and Adult Cardiology!

To help us reach our goal of $3,500, please go to the P.A.C.E. Nevada page

on the NV Big Give website.

Your generosity, support and kindness are greatly appreciated. We cannot achieve the dreams we have for young adult Congenital Heart Defect patients without you. We are truly blessed and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

With abundant gratitude,

The pace family